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Reviews on hardware and software products for people with disabilities. We will also feature other relevant technology products that could be useful for you. If you would like to know about a particular product, please write to us at

Laptop Computers and Electronic Notetakers for the Blind: A Comparison

by Curtis Chong

Are you struggling to decide between buying a laptop computer and an electronic notetaker? Curtis Chong, who is now the director of field operations and access technology at the Iowa Department for the Blind, has compiled a very useful list of pros and cons for both of these electronic wonders. In his job Chong is responsible for internal information technology, vocational rehabilitation, independent living, and all programs dealing with access technology, including the department's Project Assist program, which provides tutorials to run software with specific versions of various screen-access software. Here is his distilled wisdom and experience on this important subject.
Laptop Computer and Electronic Notetakers for the Blind - Full Article


Alternative Browsers: low on hype, high on performance

Nimish Dubey

If you can't count beyond two when naming browses, read this review that gives you an overview of some popular alternative browsers. Some of these are even better than the two you had in mind.
Alternative Browsers - Full Review

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