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The QUEST - Issue Forty

Welcome to this issue of The QUEST - a fortnightly newsletter from, to help you prepare for competitive exams.

Section one: English

DIRECTIONS: In question 1 to 5, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with appropriate words. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

1. Gavaskar ___ one hundred and five runs in that match.

(A) Played
(B) Scored
(C) Bowled
(D) Hit

2. I have absolutely no doubt ___ the innocence of the accused.

(A) On
(B) With
(C) Over
(D) About

3. At present the country is in need of a number of ___ social workers.

(A) Interested
(B) Selfish
(C) Self-centred
(D) Disinter-ested

4. He has been recently discharge ___ the army.

(A) To
(B) From
(C) By
(D) For

5. He ___ that he could speak five languages.

(A) Suggested
(B) Submitted
(C) Boasted
(D) Challenged

DIRECTIONS: In questions 6 to 8 choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word and mark it in the answer-sheet.


(A) New
(B) Modern
(C) Fresh
(D) Contemporary


(A) Extravagant
(B) Hospitable
(C) Generous
(D) Philanthropic


(A) Rejoice
(B) Enjoy
(C) Laugh
(D) Smile


1. (B) Scored
2. (D) About
3. (D) Disinter-ested
4. (B) From
5. (C) Boasted
6. (B) Modern
7. (A) Extravagant
8. (A) Rejoice

Section Two: Civics

DIRECTION: In question 1-5, Out of the four alternatives, answer the following question with the most appropriate choice

1. How many schedules does our constitution contain at present

(a) 12
(b) 10
(c) 11
(d) 14

2. Which of the following parts of the Indian constitution is enforceable by the courts

(a) Fundamental rights
(b) The Preamble
(c) Fundamental duties
(d) None of the above

3. Which one of the following does not find a mention in the Preamble to the Indian constitution

(a) dignity of the individual
(b) dignity of the constitution
(c) fraternity
(d) unity and integrity of the nation

4. Which one of the following is understood to be the most important reason to consider India as a secular state

(a) People of different religions live in India
(b) Government protects and respects the people of all religions
(c) Religion is separated from politics
(d) Minority religions are given special protection

5. What was the exact constitutional status of the Indian republic on Jan 26 1950

(a) A democratic republic
(b) A sovereign democratic republic
(c) A sovereign secular democratic republic
(d) A sovereign socialist, secular democratic republic

DIRECTION: In question 6-8, Out of the four alternatives, complete the following sentence with the most appropriate choice given

6. The idea of the concurrent list in our constitution was borrowed from

(a) Australian constitution
(b) Canadian constitution
(c) American constitution
(d) British constitution

7. The federal scheme, office of the Governor, power of federal judiciary were drawn from

(a) Government of India Act 1909
(b) Government of India Act 1919
(c) Government of India Act 1935
(d) none of the above

8. The constitution of India has vested the executive power of the Union Government in

(a) The President
(b) The Prime Minister
(c) The council of ministers
(d) All the above


1. (a) 12
2. (a) Fundamental rights
3. (b) dignity of the constitution
4. (d) Minority religions are given special protection
5. (b) A sovereign democratic republic
6. (a) Australian constitution
7. (c) Government of India Act 1935
8. (a) The President

Section Three: Science

1. Pollination by birds is called:

(a) autogamy
(b) ornithophily (pron: or-nith-o-philly)
(c) entomophily (pron: ent-eh-mof-illy)
(D) anemophily (pron: an-eh-mof-illy)

2. What percent of fire-related deaths are due to smoke inhalation rather than burns?

(a) 10%
(b) 50%
(c) 80%
(d) 99%

3. The fastest-running terrestrial animal is:

(a) cheetah
(b) lion
(c) man
(d) jaguar

4. Bees must collect nectar from approximately how many flowers to make 1 pound of honeycomb? Is it:

(a) 10 thousand
(b) 2 million
(c) 20 million
(d) 50 million

5. Which prefix is often used with scientific terms to indicate that something is the same, equal or constant?

(a) iso (pron: eye-so)
(b) mega
(c) meta
(d) quasi

The study of phenomena at very low temperatures is called:

(a) heat transfer
(b) morphology
(c) crystallography
(d) cryogenics (pron: cry-o-jen-iks)

7. The study of how people use tools to perform work and how people physically relate to their working environment is called:

(a) engineering
(b) ergonomics
(c) agronomy
(d) physiology

8. A type of plastic that is biodegradable has been in the news lately. The ingredient that makes it biodegradable is:

(a) vegetable oil
(b) petroleum
(c) cornstarch
(d) leather


(b) Autogamy
2. (c) 80%
3. (a) Cheetah
4. (c) 20 Million
5. (a) ISO
6. (d) Cryogenics
7. (b) Ergonomics
(c) Cornstarch

Section Four: Reasoning

Directions (Questions 1 to .5) : In each of the following questions, two words given on the left of the sign :: are related in some sense. Find the word, having the same relationship with the word, given to the right of the sign'::

1. Pigeon: Bird : : Spider,: ?

(a) Animal
(b) Plant
(c) Parrot
(d) Insect

2. Tractor: Trailer : : Horse: ?

(a) Cart
(b) Stable
(c) Engine
(d) Saddle

3. Deep: Shallow: : Ocean: ?

(a) Depth
(b) Well
(c) Pond

4. Stars: Blood, cell : : Telescope: ?

(a) Blood
(b) Camera
(c) Lens
(d) Microscope

5. Appraiser: Building : : Critic: ?

(a) Judge
(b) Gold
(c) Book
(d) Masterpiece

Directions (Questions 6 to 8) : In each of the following questions, find out the one word from the given alternatives for the third pair which has the same relationship between the words of the first two pairs.

6. tip, pit; gum, mug; pool, ?

(a) polo
(b) Ipoo
(c) loop
(d) lopo

7. bit, tub; nib, bun; tin, ?

(a) nit
(b) but
(c) nun
(d) nut

8. Policeman, ice; penniless, nil; consonant,?

(a) son
(b) ant
(c) not
(d) tan


1. (d) Insect : Second denotes the class to which first belongs.
2. (a) Cart : First draws the second.
3. (c) Pond : Ocean is deep; pond is shallow.
4. (d) Microscope : Stars are observed by a telescope; and blood cell by a microscope.
5. (c) Book:
6. (c) loop: The first word in each pair is reversed to obtain the second.
7. (d) nut: In each pair, the first word is reversed & 'i' is replaced by 'u' to obtain the second.
8. (a) son : In each pair, the second word comprises of the middle three letters of the first word.

Section Five: General

1. Pulitzer Prizes are given for best performance in the area of

(a) medical sciences
(b) social services
(c) literature
(d) politics
(e) sports

2. Which of the following does not depict the importance of forests in development of rural economy in India?

(a) About 300 million livestock get fodder from forests.
(b) About 0.2 per cent of the total workforce in the country are working in this sector.
(c) Government has to invest a substantial amount on the maintenance of the forest department.
(d) A good amount of people are dependent on forests for their bread and butter.
(e) Some industries get raw material from forests.

3. Which of the following is correct about the optical fibers which are very much in use these days? A) Optical fibers are very fine long glass fibers which allow light signals to pass through. B) Optical fibers are made of silicon dioxide. C) Light travels faster in glass than in the convention metallic wires.

(a) Only A
(b) Only B
(c) Only B and C
(d) Only A and C
(e) A, B and C all are correct

4. The first agricultural census in India was inducted in the agricultural year....

(a) 1970-71
(b) 1960-61
(c) 1980-81
(d) 1990-91
(e) None of these

5. The Kalinga Prize is given by which of the following organisations/world bodies?

(c) IAEA
(d) Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
(e) None of these

6. Which of the following festivals is celebrated in Maharashtra to mark the beginning of the fishing season after the monsoon?

(a) Ganesh Chaturthi
(b) Narall Purnima
(c) Anant Chaturdshi
(d) Guru Purnima
(e) None of these

7. Which of the following pairs of the prized/awards and the areas in which they are given is not correct?

(a) BD Goenka Award - Excellence in Journalism
(b) BC Roy National Award - Sports
(c) Moorty Devi Award - Literature
(d) Arjuna Award - Sports
(e) Pulitzer Prize - Journalism

8. Which of the following states is the main producer of sugar in India?

(a) Maharashtra
(b) Gujarat
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Tamil Nadu
(e) None of these


1. (c) literature
2. (c) Government has to invest a substantial amount on the maintenance of the forest department.
3. (e) A, B and C all are correct
4. (a) 1970-71
5. (b) UNESCO
6. (b) Narall Purnima
7. (b) BC Roy National Award - Sports
8. (c) Uttar Pradesh

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