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Knowledge is power and there is no substitute for it. Today's knowledge intensive economy has opened many new avenues for people with disabilities, provided one keeps pace and acquires new skills. India has become the global back-office hub and new opportunities are emerging in tele-marketing, call center operations, data-entry, sound editing, medical transcription and other areas. To tap these opportunities, skills such as good language and communication, IT skills, soft skills and analytical skills are required. Keeping this in mind, EnableAll is coming out with a series of online tutorials to impart skills relevant to the new economy.

This is a new initiative for us and we welcome your comments and suggestions on how to make these and future online tutorials a more effective and engaging learning experience. If there are any learning resources prepared by you or links to academic resources that you would like to share with others in the community, please send it to , we would be happy to post it on the discussion forum.

Latest update: On popular demand, ‘Competitive Quest’ (CQ) - the self-learning CD-ROM is now available online. Check out the online version: Click here to go to online Competitive Quest section

Numerical aptitude and logical reasoning

Logic is concerned with what is true and how we can know whether something is true with help of a proof and proof is the act of validating, finding or testing the truth of something.
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Proper English Usage

This tutorial provides an introduction to basic rules of correct grammatical usage and improving vocabulary.
Proper English Usage

Basic IT Skills

This introductory course begins by introducing a computer, and then it introduces the various hardware components of a personal computer system, including processor, monitor, keyboard, mouse, storage devices such as hard disks, and then it is followed by section two dedicated to windows, section three dedicated to basic word processing and section four deals with basic internet and email operations.
Basic IT Skills

Question Bank For Competitive Examination

Question Bank section familiarises you with multiple choice questions from various competitive examinations for government departments and educational institutes.
Question Bank For Competitive Examination

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